What is Promotional Text in the App Store, and how to use it in ASO?

Promotional Text in the App Store - how to use it? Do I need to add it? You ask, we answer. By now, you've probably read about so many interactions with different types of text in ASO that it seems impossible to learn anything new about them. After all, for us, it all comes down to keywords, and the only difference is their use. We often look at text as an opportunity to add keywords - that's what we focus on, and sometimes, the content of the text takes a back seat. But in this case, it is the opposite. Promotional text is an exception. The exception is its need for keyword indexing and small size. We immediately answer the question that hangs in the air that this text is essential, even with the lack of keyword indexing. Today, we'll examine why it matters and how best to write it.

Promotional text for app store can not be added - it is the developer's decision. After all, it seems to some people that the lack of keyword indexing deprives this element of any value, but it is not so. So, we are smoothly moving on to the next part of our article. A good example of promotional text in the App Store that displays the developer's attention to users’ feedback.

What is promotional text, and where is it located?

As you can understand from the name, it is a text to promote our application, which is highly convenient due to its brevity. Also, it is an excellent way to show existing or potential users that there will be an event or an important update. There's always a little to offer. We're actively following our app. Plus, we don't have to add a new version of the app to update the promotional text in the App Store. 

A good example of promotional text that displays the developer's attention to users’ feedback. Promotional text in the App Store serves as a quick insight into what users can expect from our app.

The promotional text is limited to 170 characters, around three sentences, so it only needs a little space. It is located above the description field and will be the first thing users will read before the actual description if the promotional text has been added.

Promotional text can not be added - it is the developer's decision. After all, it seems to some people that the lack of keyword indexing deprives this element of any value, but it is not so. So, we are smoothly moving on to the next part of our article.

Promo text app store is a concise way to engage potential users. Its brevity and strategic placement make it a valuable tool for attracting attention.

Where do you need to pay attention when working with promotional text

The first thing we care about and why it should be there is its value for conversions. Despite the obvious disadvantage in the department of keyword indexing, promotional text can be handy. How can 170 characters be valid?

The text's small size and location play a significant role in how it can be used. For example, we are writing something that will interest the user and make them interested in our app more. We've already registered about how this shows our attentiveness to the app and active support. Also, it can be a call to action, like a promo text app store. Why not - short and clear, what could be better? Or even a trivial reason, as "write just in case" works. Why? We will stand out favorably because some developers choose not to write promotional text against their background.

We need to understand how our promotional text should look and what function it is intended to serve. After all, this will affect its ability to get the user interested in the app, which is an essential part of ASO optimization and a step closer to our favorite action, “download.”

iOS app promotional text is a powerful tool for creating a personal connection with users. By crafting a message that resonates with our audience, we enhance the chances of converting interest into downloads.


It's time to talk about the elephant in the room. Keyword indexing and the lack thereof. While it makes the promotional text less valuable in someone else's eyes, it certainly doesn't in ours. It is still an ASO tool. 

App store promotional text examples are trying to show that it is the component that can help persuade our users to download the app, i.e., to increase conversion, which is one of the goals of ASO optimization. It may not be a tool that directly influences installs, but at the same time, you can't exclude it from the possibilities that can help you.

How to write the perfect promotional text

We have the form options for the promotional text, and now we need to understand how to write it. We will give some general guidelines that will work, no matter what form the text is written in.

  1. We have little space to describe something in detail, so brevity will be our main friend.
  2. Choose the most interesting, fascinating, or valuable thing in our application and add it to the promotional text in the app store.
  3. Also, remember that brevity does not mean a lack of informativeness. You should always make sure that it's clear to everyone what the text is about
  4. Ideally, personalize our promotion. Show that you know your target audience. iOS app promotional text is a chance to communicate directly with your audience, make it count.
  5. The most challenging thing to achieve is to be persuasive in your promotional texts.

From these recommendations, it is clear that an essential part of the text is the interaction with the user, which, for example, can not be said about the full description, which is more focused on keywords and only then on the user.

What is our conclusion? 

We hope we have shown you, if not the necessity, the importance of promotional text - a small detail that can sometimes say a lot about you.

The promotional text is a crucial element. Nowadays, when everything is speeding up, and we are trying to do everything faster and faster, these three sentences can be the perfect addition to your App Store page. It doesn't take long to read 170 characters, and in counterbalance, the user can find out if it's the app they were looking for.

Optimize and achieve your goals💙

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