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Free tools for tracking app positions, ASO optimization and search for new market trends

App Monitoring

Track app positions by keywords

ASO Tools

Increase app indexing and get more organic installs

Find Keywords

Use suggestions to find all relevant keywords

Market trends

Follow market trends and stay ahead

Keyword Check

Detailed analysis of any keyword

  • Search Volume for any keyword
  • Analysis of search results and suggestions
  • Real-Time Search Results
Keyword_CombinatorKeyword Check
Keyword MonitorKeyword Monitor
Keyword Monitor

Track the position of the app by keywords

  • Keyword tracking & Search volume
  • Keywords rankings distribution
  • Top competitor apps for a keyword
  • Keyword Suggestions
Keyword Suggest

Find all suggestions in 1 minute

  • Google Play & App Store search suggestions
  • A Handy Tool for Keyword Research
Keyword Suggest Keyword Suggest
Top KeywordsTop Keywords
Top Keywords

Analyze the most popular search queries on Google Play & App Store

  • All countries
  • Search Volume
  • Search results for keywords
Text Analyzer

SEO analysis of any text

  • Find keywords with search volume in any text
  • Check the description for keywords
  • Keyword Density
Text Analyzer Text Analyzer
ASO screenIcon
Keyword Builder

Fill in the keywords field according to all the rules of the App Store

  • Leave only unique words
  • Convert words from the semantic core easily 
  • Check keyword frequency
Top Charts

Regular analysis of the mobile app market

  • TOP apps for all countries and categories
  • Dynamics of changing positions for the app
Top ChartsTop Charts

Check when your apps are featured in the app stores

  • Find all the places apps are featured now or in the past
  • See which countries your apps were featured in
  • Filter by featuring country, app store location, and type

A quick overview of the main application data on one page

  • Track keywords in different countries on one screen
  • Current Rating & Rank in the categories
  • Downloads data (Most impactful, Winners, Losers)
ASO screenIcon
Rank History Rank History
Rank History

Fill in the keywords field according to all the rules of the App Store

  • All countries and categories
  • The ability to display data on a graph
  • Comparing data with competitor apps
Daily Ranking

Track app ranking in all countries

  • Ranking in the overall rating on Google Play & App Store
  • Countries where your app has taken up new positions or lost ones
  • Download data for each country
Daily Ranking Daily Ranking
App Store localization

Reach a large audience

  • Go global with ASOMobile
  • Increase the number of characters to optimize the app in the App Store
App Store LocalizationApp Store Localization
Store BenchmarksStore Benchmarks
Store Benchmarks

Focus on average conversion data across categories

  • Check if everything is ok with your app
  • Conversion data from page view to app install
  • All countries and categories of app markets

Free tools for mobile apps
Frequently asked Questions about ASOMobile tools

In order to find out the number of users who are looking for a search query you are interested in, go to the ASOMobile Keyword Check tool, enter a keyword and click "Explore". Traffic volume is the number of users searching for a given request (per day).

In the ASOMobile Text Analyzer tool, you can find all search queries with search volume in any text. Insert competitor app descriptions, reviews, or any other text and click Analyze. In the table “Found keywords” you can see all the search queries that are in the text.

In the ASOMobile Daily Ranking tool, you can check the positions of any app in the Top 1, Top 5, Top 10, Top 100, and Top 500 in categories and subcategories by country. The data is updated every day. If you need to view data for the previous period, you can do this in the Rank History tool. You can also compare the positions of your application and competitors on the chart.

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