Key Topics Covered in the Book:

Creating and Analyzing the Semantic Core

Text Optimization for App Store and Google Play

Visual Compare
Icon, Screenshots, Video. A/B Testing

Top Charts
Featuring, Similar Apps, Ratings, Working with Reviews

Block 1: Introduction to ASO

What is ASO and How It Can Help Increase Your App's Visibility in the App Store and Google Play Search Engines.

  • Basic Concepts, Types, Stages, and Goals of ASO Optimization for Apps
  • Text Optimization
  • Visual Optimization
ASO screen
Block 2: Formation and Analysis of the Semantic Core

The Process of Creating and Analyzing the Semantic Core, Including Methods for Finding and Prioritizing Keywords, Analytical Tools, Strategies for Continuous Semantic Updating.

  • Keywords: Types of Keywords
  • The Process of Semantic Core Collection
  • Research and Prioritization
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Keyword Research
Block 3: ASO Tools

How to Use ASO Tools to Find and Prioritize Keywords, Create Effective Metadata, and Assess the Results of ASO Iterations.

  • Choosing a Base for Optimization and Starting the Collection of the Semantic Core
  • Tools for Keyword Research
  • Analysis and Formation of the Application's Semantic Core
ASO screen
Block 4: Text Optimization for the App Store

How to Properly Fill in Metadata in the App Store to Ensure the App is Indexed for the Maximum Number of Search Queries.

  • Working with App Metadata
  • The 'Keywords' Field and Additional Locales
  • Top Mistakes in ASO for the App Store
  • Developer Console Management
Block 5: Text Optimization in Google Play

How to Correctly Fill in Metadata in Google Play to Ensure the App is Indexed for the Maximum Number of Search Queries.

  • Working with App Metadata
  • Checklist for Google Play Description
  • Top Mistakes in ASO for Google Play
  • Developer Console Management
ASO screen
Block 6: Visual Optimization of the App

How to Increase Download Conversion Rates Using Effective Visual Elements

  • Icon, Screenshots, Video
  • Script and Technical Brief for Designers
  • A/B Testing of Visual Elements
  • Visual Optimization Checklist
Block 7: Measuring the Effectiveness of ASO. Working with Iterations. Working with Hypotheses

How to Measure the Success of ASO? How to Evaluate What Has Been Done?

  • Effectiveness and KPIs of ASO
  • Iterations - What They Are and Why They Are Needed
  • Hypotheses in ASO
  • Growth Points for Any App
ASO screen
Block 8: Featuring, Similar Apps Collections, Reviews

Collections of Similar Apps and Featuring - An Additional Source of Traffic for the App. Working with Reviews to Increase Conversion.

  • Collections and Featuring in Google Play and the App Store
  • How to Get Featured - Recommendations. Application for Featuring
  • Rating and Reviews of the App
  • Working with Reviews
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