The summer season is a busy time in every sense and an excellent example of how ASO for the holidays helps us develop and promote applications. The summer calendar is not particularly replete with holidays. Still, the peculiarity of this season is that it is essentially one continuous holiday - vacations, vacations, travel- but still, the summer months have several significant events in store for us. We already know what happens in winter and spring, but what should we prepare for in summer? Stocking up on SPF and our seasonal ASO tips.

Preparing summer ASO in winter

According to good tradition, we begin preparing seasonal optimization in advance, much earlier than the onset of summer and the holidays themselves.

  • Pride month - all of June
  • July 4 - US Independence Day
  • June-August - summer holidays
  • end of August - preparation for school

Optimizing your app page for the holiday season is a great way to create strong connections with your audience, show them support, and share the holidays. Summer plays into our hands because it becomes easier to attract users and increase the number of downloads.

ASO beach season 

We will, of course, start with the most obvious, summer itself is a holiday, but here you should be careful and not miss the dates. As strange as it may sound, summer does not always begin on June 1 and end on August 31. Many countries in Europe and the USA start counting from June 20 and end on September 22. Since these dates are tied to the summer solstice and autumn equinox. We take this into account in our summer plans.

Now let's return to what is obvious to us and our users: summer is the season of vacations, travel, beaches and hotels. It’s a busy time for the sphere of organized leisure - applications from the tourism segment, hotel booking, tickets, tourist activities; they simply have no equal in this ocean of adventures. In addition to organizing your vacation, you can also pay attention to its contents - tours, guides, plans for excursions and a wide variety of activities. Here the finest hour comes for audio guides, tour operators and, of course, activity advisors. But in addition, many users prefer lazy relaxation, when there is plenty of time left to solve simple puzzles, click on match 3 or read books.

In addition, we forgot to mention not only the vacation itself, but also the preparation for it. Now is the time to dust off your yoga mats or renew your at-home fitness subscription. After all, the beach season is just around the corner.

In addition to excellent physical shape, we, of course, strive to update our wardrobe, change our beauty care for the summer and, of course, not forget to take beach accessories with us. For applications in the shopping segment, summer is an important season.

In this simple way, we have determined that share of the mobile application market for which seasonal optimization is a must have. Of course, such large players as Booking or Get Your Guide can play on popularity and not follow the trends of seasonal updates, but even they update screenshots for each season, without missing out on their chance to find new users.

So, which apps should pay attention to the summer season in their ASO optimization:

  • Health and fitness. Getting ready before going on vacation is the goal of many users.
  • Photo and video. Make your vacation not only unforgettable, but also be able to remember it in detail.
  • Trips. A category that speaks for itself.
  • Lifestyle, Shopping and Education, the latter falls under our summer interests, mainly for learning languages.

Key accents and color palette:

  • We fill the design of our app with elements that evoke associations with summer holidays: sun, beach, palm trees, flip-flops and tropical fruits. We creatively integrate these elements into our icons, screenshots and promotional images to convey the carefree and vibrant spirit of the season, attracting users craving a summer experience.
  • A bright and cheerful color palette reminiscent of summer. We use rich shades of blue for the sky and ocean, warm yellows and oranges for sunlight, and refreshing greens for lush vegetation. These colors are strategically used in our app's visuals to evoke feelings of warmth, joy and relaxation, attracting users looking for summer fun.

Independence Day - July 4th

The holiday is designed for an American audience, but since its market represents a huge segment among users, we do not miss this opportunity. Residents of America celebrate the 4th of July on a grand scale - the holiday is known both for state symbols and, of course, for fireworks. Thus, it is quite easy to decide on the elements that will diversify our seasonal localization for this event - flags, symbols of freedom and independence, eagles, hats and, of course, fiery fireworks.

Key colors and palette are blue, white, red, stars and stripes. All variations of the American flag, as we already understood.

The most relevant category of apps for seasonal optimization for Independence Day is Sports and Lifestyle.

Pride Month

The peculiarity of this important social event is its duration and social message. That is why we recommend using holiday optimization for Pride month, guided by the principle of relevance. It is important to highlight the connection of our app to the rights and freedoms of various people, but sensitivity and value must come before all reasons. Whether we should celebrate this month with our users depends entirely on the app itself and its connection to this important event. We will be sincere with our users and they will definitely reciprocate our feelings, but following the principles - in advertising all means are good, is no longer relevant in our time.

The most suitable app categories would be, of course, social networks and dating apps.

The color palette and key elements are the rainbow and all its interpretations.

Back to school season

And although it is difficult to classify this as a holiday event, I think parents are rejoicing at this moment, this is a significant season that quite strongly influences the preferences and interests of users.

Even app stores reinforce this impression—recommendations and events can often include learning tools, useful apps for studying, and games for preschool or elementary school.

App categories are, of course, the Education category rules the roost here, but Shopping apps should not be forgotten either.

Color palette and key elements - autumn leaves, school attributes, numbers, letters, geometric shapes. But you definitely shouldn’t go into the autumn color scheme; on the contrary, use bright, modern colors.

Summer in ASO

The summer season is another cycle for the holiday update of our app page. We spend all calendar and other holidays with our users, share important events, thus strengthening connections both with current users and building new connections with potential ones.

The winter cycle is a time of global fun, important dates and events. Spring is also no exception; a series of calendar days makes it possible to turn around and celebrate each of the significant days. Summer is a time for relaxation and a break from work, but not for us.

Let's take stock and look at how our app can benefit by incorporating seasonal updates into its growth strategy:

  1. Our holiday updates can grab your audience's attention and encourage active app usage. Increasing user engagement.
  2. Seasonal updates help keep users engaged by offering new, relevant content that keeps them coming back to our app. User retention.
  3. By celebrating the holidays, we demonstrate the vitality and relevance of our application. Users will perceive it as more interesting and exciting. Improving brand perception.
  4. Use ASOMobile's Ratings & Reviews Management feature to get quick user feedback and measure the impact of our holiday updates. Or tools for monitoring downloads and income of our application. Measuring the effect of updates.
  5. Holiday updates provide opportunities for advertising campaigns and marketing activities. Special promotions, discounts or giveaways during the holiday season. Attracting new users.
  6. Our holiday content app may receive additional visibility on the App Store or Google Play during applicable periods. Increasing visibility.

Ultimately, seasonal updates with holiday content can significantly increase engagement, user retention, brand perception, and visibility of our app, leading to successful marketing results.

Optimize and achieve success💙

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