FAQ about ASO. Key Questions Answered on App Optimization

FAQ about ASO is a selection of the most common questions and answers about application optimization.

General questions about ASO

  1. What is ASO?

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing a mobile app for the app store in order to increase its visibility and improve download rates. This includes optimizing the title, keywords, app description, icon, screenshots and other metadata for better app store search rankings.

  1. Retention, what is this?

Retention is a metric used in mobile app analytics that measures user retention in an app over a period of time after their first interaction with it. This is an important metric for assessing how successful an app is in retaining its users.

  1. What app stores are there?

There are several app stores, including Apple's App Store, Google's Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei AppGallery, etc. Each of them provides access to various applications for mobile devices.

  1. What is AppGallery?

AppGallery is an appstore developed by Huawei for their devices based on the Android operating system. It offers a wide selection of apps for Huawei and Honor devices, as well as tools for developers to help them grow their audience and monetize their apps.

  1. What engines are there for mobile games?

There are many engines for developing mobile games, including Unity, Unreal Engine, Cocos2d-x, Godot Engine, Corona SDK, GameMaker Studio, etc. Each of them has its own features and advantages, and the choice depends on the needs and preferences of the developer.

  1. What is app indexing?

App indexing is the process by which app stores analyze and categorize the content of an app so that it can be displayed in search results based on relevant user queries.

  1. How does ASO help improve mobile app visibility on app stores?

ASO improves app visibility by optimizing metadata (title, description, keywords), visual elements (icons, screenshots, videos) and by increasing the quantity and quality of reviews. This increases the app ranking in search, making it more visible to potential users.

  1. What are the key factors influencing ASO?

Keywords: Choosing the right keywords to help your app be found.

Metadata: Title, description, category and keywords in the app metadata.

Reviews and ratings: quality and quantity of user reviews and ratings.

Installs and user activity: Total downloads and user activity, including installs and usage.

Visual elements: icon, screenshots and promotional video.

  1. What parameters most influence the ranking of an app on the App Store and Google Play?
  • Metadata Optimization (ASO)
  • Quality of reviews and ratings
  • Number and activity of installations
  • User Retention and Engagement Rates
  • Application updates and support
  1. How often should you update your app's ASO?

ASO should be updated regularly, especially after significant changes to the app, or when market trends or app store algorithms change. It is recommended to audit the ASO every 3-6 months.

  1. How to measure the effectiveness of ASO?

The effectiveness of ASO can be measured by changes in app indexing for keywords, increased organic traffic, increased installs, and improved conversions.

  1. What are the best ASO tools to use?

ASOMobile is one of the popular tools that allows you to research keywords, create metadata, and track an app's search visibility. And also analyze the market, competitors and receive information about the number of downloads and revenue.

  1. Can ASO help you get organic traffic?

Yes, effective ASO significantly improves app visibility, which attracts more organic traffic and increases installs. The main goal of optimization is to attract organic traffic.

  1. Is ASO necessary for an app to be a success?

Although ASO is not the only factor in the success of an app, it plays a key role in increasing its visibility and organic traffic, which significantly impacts the overall success of the app.

  1. Time to get your app indexed on the store?

There is no clear time frame for when an application will receive indexing after release or metadata update. For the App Store, indexing takes several days, but for Google Play it can take up to several weeks.

  1. Why do you do separate optimizations for Google Play and the App Store for?

ASO (App Store Optimization) for Google Play and Apple App Store requires different approaches due to differences in search algorithms, metadata, user interface and audience behavior. Additionally, the same search term may be more or less popular depending on the platform, making keyword research on a store-by-store basis particularly important. Google Play analyzes the text of the app description to determine keywords, while the Apple App Store provides a special field for specifying them. This difference highlights the need to develop unique ASO strategies for each platform in order to increase app visibility and downloads.

  1. What size should the semantic core be?

The number of search queries in the semantic core is not regulated and depends on the category of the application, its functionality and user requests. The main thing is that the collected keywords are relevant (i.e., correspond to the functionality) and in demand (traffic) among users.

  1. ASO analysis - what is it?

ASO audit or ASO analysis is a check of your app for compliance with the correct filling of metadata, assessment of the visual component, as well as analysis of indexing, visibility, rating and reviews. With further recommendations.

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FAQ about Google Play

  1. How many apps are there on Google Play?

There are currently millions of apps on the Google Play Store. The exact quantity can be found using ASOMobile's Store Insights tool.

  1. How to find out the number of downloads of an app on Google Play?

To find out the number of downloads of an app on Google Play, you need to log into the Google Play Console (Google Play developer console), select your app and go to the "Statistics" tab. And if we are talking about any app, then the number of installations is displayed on the application page on the store.

  1. What is ANR in Android and why is it important?

ANR (Application Not Responding) in Android is an event when an app on a device does not respond to user interactions within a certain period of time. Technical glitch rate is an internal ranking factor in Google Play.

  1. How to remove an app from Google Play Console?

To remove an app, you need to go to the Google Play Developer Console, select your app, then go to the Settings or App Settings tab. There you will find an option to uninstall the application.

  1. How to add your app to Google Play?

To add your app to Google Play, you first need to create a Google Play developer account. You can then upload your app to the developer console, fill in all the necessary app information such as description, images, and tags, and then publish the app.

  1. Why are there almost no downloads from Google Play in China and absolutely no sales on Google Play?

In China, Google Play is blocked and its services are not available to use. Users in China mainly use alternative app stores such as Tencent MyApp and Huawei AppGallery. This explains the low number of downloads from Google Play and the lack of sales in this region.

  1. How to create a Google Play developer account?

To create a Google Play developer account, you need to go to the official Google Play Console website and follow the guide to create a new account. Typically, you'll need to have an existing Google account, proof of identity, and pay a one-time registration fee.

  1. What metadata is indexed on Google Play?

The following fields are indexed in Google Play: application name, short and full description, reviews and developer name.

  1. How is the rating calculated on Google Play?

The app rating is generated separately for each country and for each device form factor. But the number of installations is the total.

FAQ about the App Store

  1. How to find out the number of downloads of an app on the App Store?

To find out the number of downloads of your application on the App Store, you need to log into your developer account on App Store Connect, select your app and go to the “Reports and Analytics” tab. There you will find information about the number of downloads of your application. To measure installs and revenue for your or a third-party app, use ASOMobile's Downloads and Revenue tools.

  1. How many apps are there on the App Store?

There are currently millions of apps on the App Store, including both free and paid ones. The exact quantity can be found using ASOMobile's Store Insights tool.

  1. How to publish an app on the App Store?

To publish an app on the App Store, you need to create a developer account on App Store Connect, upload your app build, fill out all the required information, including description, images, and metadata, then submit your app for Apple moderation. After successfully passing the verification, your application will be published on the App Store.

  1. In which countries is there an App Store?

The App Store is available in many countries around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, China, Japan and many more. The list of countries in which the App Store is available is constantly expanding, so it is best to check the latest information on the official Apple website. Currently, the App Store is available in 175 countries.

  1. Can I install iOS games and apps from outside the App Store?

No, you cannot install iOS games and applications not from the App Store without using a jailbreak or without officially participating in the Apple Developer Program. The iOS system has strict security and quality control policies, which means that all apps must be downloaded from the App Store to ensure safety and security for users. However, there is the option for developers and companies to distribute apps through the Apple Developer Program, which allows applications to be downloaded to devices directly without having to be publicly posted on the App Store (for example, installing from developer web resources).

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