ASO news digest. March 2024

The ASO news digest is our desire to keep abreast of the updates that have occurred in the mobile app market over the past month. Any update or change in the rules of the major app stores can have an impact on ASO optimization tactics and strategy. Here you can find the March 2024 update from the App Store and Google Play.

ASO news digest from the App Store

  1. Updated app review requirements.

The document that regulates the review of applications during publication and updates is now called App Review Guidelines. Almost all updates and clarifications relate to the placement of iOS apps on alternative sites within the European market.

  1. Using alternative payment methods in the EU.

Developers can get started with these options in Xcode 15.3 and iOS 17.4. The changes are available to users in the 27 EU Member States from March 2024.

Developers who have agreed to the Additional Agreement on Alternative Sources of Installs in the EU (by the way, it was slightly updated following consultations with developers) can now submit apps that offer alternative payment options. Tools for analytics of their apps became available as well.

  1. New App Store and iOS data analytics are available - more than 50 new reports.

These reports include hundreds of new metrics to help us measure our performance and identify opportunities for improvement. The reports are organized into the following categories:

  • App Store Engagement is the number of users on the App Store who interact with or share a developer's app.
  • App Store Commerce - Downloads, sales, pre-orders and transactions made through the secure in-app purchasing system of the App Store.
  • App usage - active devices, installations, deletions of apps and much more.
  • Using frameworks is how the application interacts with OS features such as PhotoPicker and widgets.
  • Performance - how our apps perform and how users interact with specific features.
  1. New ways to promote and distribute apps (for the EU)

Alternative app stores. Marketplaces may offer a catalog of applications exclusively from the marketplace developer.

Purchase link. By inviting users to transact digital goods or services on an external web page, developers can choose how to create promotions, discounts, and other offers. Apple-provided design templates optimized for key purchasing and advertising use are now optional.

Web distribution, which is available with a software update later this spring, will allow authorized developers to distribute their iOS apps to EU users directly from the developer's website.

  1. WWDC24: June 10–14, 2024

The dates for WWDC24 have been announced - let's add to our calendars and don't miss the opportunity to explore new tools, platforms and features that will help us create the best apps and games.

ASO news digest from Google Play

  1. Google Play app account deletion policy.

Quite recently a new account deletion policy was introduced with mandatory disclosure of information in the “Data Security” section of the Play Store. Deleting an account should be as easy as creating one, so the new policy requires developers to provide information and web resources to help users manage their data and understand app deletion methods.

  1. Google Play Indie Games Accelerator 2024 course.

A 10-week course aimed at game studios on Google Play. The program includes:

  • A series of online master classes, conversations and gaming seminars from industry leaders.
  • Mentoring sessions covering a wide range of topics including technical development, gameplay and team management.
  • Access to gaming experts from Google and leading studios.
  1. Play Install Referrer is now available for PC.

Making informed marketing decisions depends on identifying the most valuable user acquisition channels for our games. By tracking referral data, we can understand which traffic sources are sending the most users to download our app from the Google Play Store. This information helps us make the most of your advertising spend and maximize your return on investment. That's why in 2017, Google Play launched the Play Install Referrer API, which gave us an easy and reliable way to track referral information.

Until now, this feature was only available for games and applications in mobile format. But now it's possible with Google Play Games for PC.

  1. Google for Games 2024 Key Points

On March 12, the Games Developer Summit was held, where the following solutions and products were widely covered:

  • the ability to switch between devices while saving and continuing the gameplay, the main thing is that they are connected to PGS (Play game service). Now integration and synchronization are easy for all processes.
  • improvements in store listings. Our store page will feature relevant content to keep our audience interested in the game, including our latest YouTube videos, AI-generated FAQs, and more. These improvements are currently only available to English-speaking users and select games that are part of the Early Access program.
  • program to accelerate the growth of our business on Google Play - we are talking about Google Play Points. They are available in more than 35 markets and cover the vast majority of active buyers, now also in Brazil! Play Points provide the ability to set a limited number of exclusive in-game offers, creating excitement and increasing participation through limited offers.
  • Google Play Pass, which has seen subscription growth of more than 120% over the past year, is expanding to include in-game offers from popular games. Google Play is launching in-game offers in 21 markets, including Japan, and will launch Play Pass in Korea later this year.
  1. Google I/O May 15, 2024

The date for the annual conference aimed at developers has been announced. It is by Google to discuss the development of open technologies and services.

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