ASO news digest. January 2024

The ASO news digest is our desire to keep abreast of the updates that have occurred in the mobile application market over the past month. Any update or change in the rules of the major app stores can have an impact on ASO optimization tactics and strategy. Here you can find the January 2024 update from the App Store and Google Play.

App store news digest

App store

  1. Latest beta versions available:

Beta versions of iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4, tvOS 17.4 and watchOS 10.4 are now available. Prepare your applications by making sure they work as expected in these releases. And to take advantage of the latest SDKs, be sure to build and test with Xcode 15.3 beta.

  1. Updates to app pricing and taxes, in-app purchases, and subscriptions

The App Store is all about selling your digital goods and services around the world and supports 44 currencies across 175 stores. Price fluctuations in various regions are reflected in the following updates:

On February 13, app prices and in-app purchases* will be updated for stores in Benin, Colombia, Tajikistan and Turkey. Price updates take into account changing tax policies.

  1. New opportunities for streaming game services and apps around the world.

Apple has released news about new ways that developers will be able to implement new in-game experiences for their users, including streaming games and mini-programs. That is, one application or game will be able to offer in-app streaming, games and other features from the developer’s catalog. Also now users will be provided with expanded capabilities from streaming games, mini-applications, mini-games, chat bots to plugins that are in their applications. All of the above will be included in the in-app purchase system, thus offering paid digital content or individual subscriptions.

Everything included in these features serves two purposes - for users to find, buy and use what they like, and for developers to find new ways to grow their business. The apps that host this content are responsible for ensuring that they comply with Apple's standards for usability and privacy.

  1. New App Analytics

Apple has introduced new analytics for developers around the world to help them gain even more insight into their business and the performance of their apps, while addressing new security and privacy concerns.

More than 50 new reports will be available through the App Store Connect API to help developers analyze:

Engagement: the number of users on the App Store interacting with the developer's app or sharing it with others;

Commerce: downloads, sales and revenue, pre-orders and transactions made through the App Store's secure in-app purchasing system;

App usage: crashes, active devices, installations, uninstalling apps and more.

Platform Usage: app interaction with OS features such as PhotoPicker, widgets, and CarPlay.

Access to new analytics will be implemented in March of this year.

P.S. Developers will be able to provide third parties with access to their reports via the API.

  1. Various options for logging into the application

Due to new privacy rules, Apple is updating the App Store Review Guidelines from "Sign in with Apple". This feature previously meant logging into apps or sites with your Apple ID. Starting in January, developers who offer third-party or social services for login into their apps will have the option to offer login through Apple or another similar system that meets privacy requirements.

  1. Application distribution updates in the EU.

Due to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), certain changes are taking place in iOS, Safari and the App Store. These changes create new opportunities for developers who distribute applications to any of the 27 EU member states, but only in this region. These options include how developers can distribute apps on iOS, process payments, use web browser mechanisms in iOS apps, request compatibility with iPhone and iOS hardware and software features, access data and analytics about their apps, and transfer user data to the App Store.

This is most likely the most intriguing news from Apple in recent times, let's figure out what the point of these changes and what opportunities we are talking about:

  1. Applications for the Swift Student Challenge open on February 5

Apple announced that applications for the Swift Student Challenge 2024 will open on February 5th.

  1. Apps for App Store Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro will have a brand new app store where users can discover and download amazing apps for VisionOS. Whether you've created a new VisionOS app or made an existing iPad or iPhone app available in Apple Vision Pro, here's everything you need to know to get your app ready and submitted to the App Store.

Google Play

  1. Gemini Pro, Google AI SDK and Google AI Studio

After announcing developer access to the multi-modal Gemini Nano base model on-device, Google has introduced new ways to access the Gemini Pro model off-device. Gemini Pro is a model for scaling a wide range of text and image analysis tasks. The Google AI Client SDK for Android, together with Google AI Studio, provides a simplified and streamlined way to integrate the Gemini Pro model, generate hints, generate API keys, and transform ideas into AI applications.

  1. A New Approach to Real Money Games on Google Play

This year, Google Play will begin supporting more real money gaming (RMG) apps, including those games and operators that are not covered by the current licensing system. This new approach will provide new business opportunities for developers around the world while maintaining user safety as a priority. In June, Google will launch expanded developer RMG support for their users in India, Mexico, and Brazil, and plans to expand support for users in other countries in the future.

  1. New opportunities for working with ANR from Developers.

A new page on the Android developers website will help with technical application errors. Reducing the number of crashes and ANR indicator - improving the user experience of applications.

  1. A tool to update applications to the latest version.

According to the store policy, it encourages and encourages users to keep installed applications updated. Now in the console we can find an option called Play recovery tools. Thus, every time the application is opened, the user will see a prompt with the option to update to the latest version.

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