TOP 10 tools for analyzing competitors in the mobile application market

The mobile app market is now more competitive than ever. According to mobile app analytics by ASOMobile, there are 4254181 released apps on the App Store and 10852695 on Google Play in the US alone. Therefore, companies need to make decisions based on real opportunities and market capacity. Competitor analysis will help you stand out, find growth points for your product to attract and monetize users. To research competitors and the mobile application market in general, we will use the ASOMobile service.

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Analysis of the mobile application market

Store Insights is a tool for a complete analysis of Google Play and App Store mobile app stores and choosing the most profitable niche. In this section, you will receive detailed data on the current state of the mobile application market, which will allow you to determine the most promising and profitable market for creating an application.

The next step can be to analyze the most popular applications in a category - using Top Charts, you will get a complete picture of the top categories, quantitative metrics of downloads, and applications.

How to find competitors?

To get the maximum amount of data, it is essential to analyze relevant and popular applications. To do this, research the Top 100 apps in your category in the Category Intelligence tool.

App downloads and revenue

A tab dedicated to study downloads and revenue of the selected mobile app. The data is calculated using machine learning. Add any app you are interested in to ASOMobile analytics and use the tools in the Market tab, defining the required analytics period and countries for analysis.

Downloads is a tool with the help of which you can observe the dynamics of downloads for any app. Likewise, you can keep income dynamics for any application using the Revenue tool.

Estimate downloads and revenue for apps you are interested in, determine your strategy for achieving financial success in your chosen niche.

ASO Dashboard

By adding the competitor application you are interested in, the country, and the period, you get more than ten graphs and tables for analyzing search queries ranked from 1st to 50th.

Tables will help you find out the app visibility score, track the number of indexed search queries, as well as monitor the improvement and deterioration of positions to react to changes quickly.

Downloads by Keywords - with this tool, you can analyze which keywords the app is receiving downloads.

Take into account the competitors' requests that generate the most traffic for proper planning. Keep an eye on your competitors; keep this in mind in your strategy.

Similar apps

If you find yourself selecting a popular application, you are almost guaranteed to receive additional traffic. With the help of the Similar Apps tool, you can find out which apps your app or competitors fall into. The collections are formed based on the internal algorithms of the app markets.

In the analytics of ASOMobile, add the required application, define the period and country for analysis and check in the collections of which applications and in which positions any application is suggested.

App Keywords

It is essential to know what keywords competitors are getting downloads for to create a successful strategy. You can find this data in the App Keywords tool. In the "Indexing" tab, you can find all the keywords by which any application is indexed (unlike ASO Dashboard, you can see all the keywords, not the Top 50).

You simply have to target critical queries that similar index applications. To get such a list of search queries, use the "Competitors" tab in App Keywords, having previously added relevant applications to the list of competitors. Sorting "Competitor Indexing" will help you find the most relevant queries (the scale will show the degree of coincidence).

Search Ads Spy

For those promoting iOS apps, it is worth getting to grips with Apple Search Ads. This advertising tool allows users who have entered the App Store to find the app by keywords. But the analytical tool Search Ads Spy in ASOMobile will help you choose the best keywords. Use it to check which apps are being promoted in Apple Search Ads for any search queries and find out which keywords competitors advertise.

To start work, you need to decide on the analysis period, device, country, and the key request researched. As a result, we see which applications are advertised for a given request.

In-App Keywords

It is also essential for application developers to recoup their projects. In-App Purchases are one of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize on the App Store. Like apps, in-app purchases get traffic from search. Therefore, it is important to track the indexation of your in-app purchase, as well as the position in the search. Using the In-App Keywords tool, you can analyze all the keywords by which a selected In-App purchase or a competitor's In-App purchase is indexed.

You can also evaluate search queries with accurate data on the potential traffic volume, complexity, and performance for each query. All of this can also be checked for relevance concerning your applications, thanks to quick access to the App Store search results.

Visual comparison

As you probably know, visual ASO is just as important as text ASO. After all, with the help of text optimization, your application will be found, but the high-quality visual ASO will convince your users to download the app. In the Visual Comparison tool, you will find all the essential information about your competitors' applications: rating and number of ratings, downloads, category, application weight. In addition, you will be able to evaluate the visual ASO of your competitors, find out market trends, and compare your application with those of competitors.

Let's summarize - competitors and the market are the very external conditions that shape your product or service. Changes and improvements are ongoing processes that allow products and companies to maintain and better multiply their position in the market. It is pretty tricky, time-consuming, but these changes contribute to competitiveness. All steps and actions should be based on a thorough analysis of the market's actual capabilities and capacity, which is why the competitive environment analysis is so necessary.

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