Top ASO Tools 2023

Two years have passed since the publication of our last review of the Top Tools for ASO App Optimization. Let's take a look at how mobile analytics platforms have changed and what tools ASO specialists currently have at their disposal.

The last year and the emerging trends tell us about increased competition in the app market and mobile games - the number of applications is constantly growing, but the number of installations is not too much. We discussed this at length in our app and mobile game market review, and in both cases, we concluded that the role of optimization tools is on the rise. How well and deeply you can analyze keywords, and keep a close eye on trends and competitors - all those give your product an advantage over others.

Traditionally, the Top Tools will be a list of platforms with the main functionality and plans (if they are publicly available to users).

* The complexity and variety of tools makes it impossible to rank, so we just offered you a list of the best analytics platforms.


A dynamically developing platform that continues to please its users with a constantly evolving pool of tools for keyword analytics, metadata, a large section on market and competitor analysis, as well as a fully-fledged tool for working with reviews and ratings.

We would like to especially emphasize the possibility of using free tools:

  • Keyword position monitoring
  • Keyword traffic volume
  • Checking Google Play and App Store Suggestions
  • Popular queries
  • Keyword Search in Competitor Descriptions
  • Top Charts
  • Featured Tracking
  • Category ratings
  • Responses to reviews
  • Featured Reviews

Key Features of ASOMobile

ASO tools:

  • market and competitor analysis
  • search and analysis of keywords
  • creating metadata
  • organic install rate for search queries
  • evaluating the effectiveness of your optimization
  • working with search suggestions
  • SEO analysis of any text
  • the ability to work with visual optimization

Google Play and App Store app analytics:

  • revenue and downloads
  • analysis of ratings in the category
  • app visibility

Market and competitor analysis:

  • app market analytics
  • competitor analysis
  • keywords used by competitors in Apple Search Ads
  • assessment of the competitiveness of the app
  • featuring

Reviews and ratings:

  • responses to reviews
  • assessment analysis
  • review analysis
  • selected reviews

ASOMobile pricing plans:

*It is possible to create an individual plan

*there is a free 3-day trial period 

*it is possible to use some of the tools for free


A platform that has been among the top ten major players in the mobile analytics tools market for many years. They include in their work not only a full set of tools for ASO app optimization but also app marketing, UA, and training materials.

App Radar key features:

Market research:

  • reviews of competitor apps using AI
  • app position in the market
  • competitive threats and opportunities
  • ratings in categories
  • analysis of advertising and ASO strategies of competitors.

ASO tools:

  • keyword research
  • limited visibility of your app
  • evaluation of your ASO effectiveness
  • automated ASO optimization process

Ratings and Reviews:

  • analysis of reviews and ratings
  • review automation
  • product improvement based on feedback

App performance:

  • KPIs for your app
  • app store performance
  • traffic sources and analysis

Advertising effectiveness:

  • analysis of organic and advertising traffic
  • ad analysis and conversion rate

App Radar Pricing Plans

*there is a free 7-day trial period 

*it is possible to use some of the tools for free


Another popular mobile analytics platform for working with ASO optimization, assessing and analyzing the competitive environment, and working with app reviews and ratings.

Key features of Appfigures

App Analytics:

  • app install efficiency analytics
  • analytics of the entire range of revenue of your app

ASO tools:

  • using AI to research relevant keywords
  • comparison with competitors
  • search results analysis
  • categories and ratings

Analysis of the mobile app market:

  • downloads and revenue
  • SDK for each application
  • keyword organic installs
  • competitor research
  • app store analytics

Ratings and reviews:

  • app rating analysis
  • responses to reviews

Appfigures Pricing Plans

*it is possible to create an individual plan

*there is a free trial period

*it is possible to use some of the tools for free


A mobile analytics platform that started its history with the idea of automating the tracking of reviews from the App Store. And for many years now it has been considered one of the leaders in analytical tools.

Key features of Appfollow

Monitoring your app performance:

  • collection and analysis of reviews
  • user sentiment analytics
  • competitor analysis

Interaction with your app reviews:

  • responses to reviews
  • feedback automation

Integration options:

  • app stores
  • instant messengers and communication tools (Slack, Trello, Telegram, etc.)
  • support included

Market and competitor analysis:

  • keyword research
  • ASO and working with metadata
  • analysis of competitors and their strategies

Appfollow Pricing Plans

*It is possible to create an individual plan

*It is possible to use some of the tools for free


Universal platform for mobile market analytics, app optimization, and competitive environment analysis.

Key features of AppTweak

ASO tools:

  • analysis of the popularity of search queries
  • keyword research
  • ranking and popularity of keywords
  • downloads and revenue estimates
  • optimization efficiency analysis

App promotion analytics:

  • competitor keywords in Apple Search Ads
  • keywords in Google Ads
  • social media advertising

Market analysis:

  • key indicators of the mobile app market
  • Top apps by category and country
  • seasonal tendencies and trends

AppTweak pricing plans

*there is a free 7-day trial period 


Analytics aimed at ASO optimization of the app page on stores. ASOdesk offers a wide range of options for developing your app - from basic optimization to promotion.

Key features of Asodesk

ASO tools:

  • search and research of keywords
  • working with metadata
  • localization possibilities
  • search query organic traffic estimation

Ratings and reviews:

  • the ability to monitor reviews
  • responses to reviews
  • feedback automation

Competitive Field Research:

  • search and analysis of competitors
  • competitive field analytics in more than 100 countries

Asodesk Pricing Plans

*there is free 14-day trial period

*possibility to customize the plan


A platform that offers various tools for ASO app optimization and organic growth.

Key features of ASOTools

App analytics tools:

  • downloads and revenue
  • data on apps and games in the context of various countries
  • trends and competitor research

Keyword Tools:

  • search and research of keywords

App Marketing Tools:

  • Top charts
  • app store trends and analytics

 ASOTools Pricing Plans

*there is free 3-day trial period

Data AI

The rebranding of App Annie in 2022 led to the emergence of a giant in the analytics market, An excellent feature of which is an in-depth approach to analytical data, a wide range of tools for competitive analysis, and a database of reports about the industry as a whole.

Key features of Data AI

Industry analytics:

  • market analysis and evaluation
  • competitor analysis
  • analysis of opportunities and threats

App Analytics:

  • downloads and revenue
  • user retention rates
  • ratings and category tops
  • reviews and ratings
  • analysis of users and target audience
  • ASO optimization tools

Advertising analytics:

  • ad platform data aggregation
  • analysis and visualization of advertising strategy
  • efficiency analysis

Data AI pricing plans

This platform does not have universal plans. Subscription conditions are drawn up individually, in agreement with the client.

It is possible to try some of the analytical tools for free.

Mobile Action

The analytical platform for optimization and promotion of mobile apps. It has a very wide range of tools, from working on keywords to analyzing the market and competitors.

Key features of Mobile Action

Mobile app analytics:

  • rating and reviews
  • Top charts
  • featuring
  • similar apps

ASO optimization tools:

  • search and analysis of key queries
  • analysis of current optimization
  • tracking metadata changes

Advertising analytics:

  • Search Ads
  • campaign performance metrics
  • possibility of integration

Market Analytics:

  • install and revenue forecasting
  • Top apps and developers

Mobile Action pricing plans

*a pool of free tools available

*plan customization

Sensor Tower

A well-known platform that provides comprehensive mobile app market analytics, statistics, and reporting. Data analytics of all possible categories and industries of the digital world.

Key features of Sensor Tower

Advertising analytics:

  • optimization of promotion campaigns
  • analysis of creatives and promotion networks

ASO Optimization:

  • optimization strategy analysis
  • revenue and downloads
  • app performance analysis
  • SDK analytics

Consumers and app stores:

  • mobile usage analytics
  • app store data
  • separate mobile game analytics

Sensor Tower pricing plans

Plans on demand depending on the client's requests and the arsenal of analytics tools. A fairly large part of the reports and analytics can be obtained on an individual request.


It is a software development company that allows various companies and brands to target mobile devices and launch their products and services in the form of mobile apps.

Key features of Splitmetrics

Apple Search Ads:

  • sales funnel analysis
  • revenue and downloads
  • promotion reporting
  • competitor analysis with artificial intelligence algorithms

Testing tools:

  • a wide range of tools for conducting experiments
  • A/B tests
  • product hypotheses and concepts

Application Growth and Promotion:

  • promotion services
  • analysis and control of indicators
  • ASO turnkey

Splitmetrics pricing plans

*There is a free trial period


A mobile analytics platform that allows you to test and analyze app pages on stores.

Key features of Storemaven

Analytics and ASO optimization:

  • mobile marketing and sales funnel
  • installations and revenue
  • target audience analysis
  • ASO analytics
  • console and platform integration

Product page automation:

  • centralized management system for your product pages
  • traffic and conversion estimation
  • contextual marketing


  • custom page tests
  • A/B tests

Storemaven pricing plans

All options have a flexible plan, and the pricing policy is not regulated - you can get your plans upon request. Public information was not provided.

Let`s summarize

So the market continues to show us the leading players for mobile analytics. As we can see, participants are changing, plans are changing, but opportunities are also expanding! By the way, due to the fact that the competition in the mobile app market is growing, you should keep up with your optimization and promotion strategy. It is up to you to decide which tools to use, but with our review of the Top ASO Tools 2023, it becomes easier to choose exactly your analytical platform.

Optimize your app with success💙

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