TEXT ANALYZER - the tool for ASO optimization

Text Analyzer - the best free keyword search and optimization tool for Google Play description.

How you can use TEXT ANALYZER for ASO optimization?

This tool helps you find all search queries with traffic in any text (descriptions of competitors’ applications, reviews).

You can check your description with Text Analyzer or use it to analyze competitors’ descriptions.

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Text Analyzer features

The first step - add the app into ASOMobile (you can use this tool for Google Play and App Store, but pay attention to the Google Play app - the field of full description is indexed in this market).

To analyze the description of any application, you just need to select the application and the country; the description will be pulled up automatically.

Also, you can insert text manually (reviews, competitors’ texts, or future descriptions of your application). It is incredibly convenient to analyze descriptions of several competitors at once to get a large number of search queries.

Then click “analyze,” and ASOMobile will check your text and show all search queries with traffic.

Our system will check all text according to SEO indicators:

  • a number of characters;
  • the density of keywords;
  • "spam" - a very important parameter for optimizing text for Google Play.

For example, keyword stuffing is too frequent to use one word, which Google Play algorithms are very pessimistic. Therefore, we will ensure that your description is not “spam.” You can check this parameter with Text Analyzer.


In the keyword stuffing column next to words that are used too often in the text, “Yes” is written in red. In the column “Delete repetitions,” we will show you the number of repetitions of a given word that you need to remove to avoid keyword stuffing.

 ASOmobile helps you find keywords in the text of the description (“Keywords found in the text”).

All keywords are split into several tables, depending on the number of words in the query: 1, 2, 3, 4 words. It helps you to find short-tail and long-tail keywords for your sematic core. In the tables, you can see the number of repetitions of keys in the text (the most relevant queries), the volume of traffic (how many people look for this query per day), and the position of the selected application for this query.

You can add found search queries to Keyword Monitor for further work. Thet will be added to the Keyword Monitor of the selected country.

You can change the description during the operational flow but “pull up” the current description at any time.

Text Analyzer is an easy way to create, improve and remake app descriptions.

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