Best ASO Optimization tools for research and monitoring keywords in App Store or Play Market

Best ASO tools for app optimization are the sets of measures aimed at increasing the visibility of an app in search and indexing for selected key queries.

Over the past few years, many mobile analytics tools and platforms have appeared on the market to automate all stages of ASO app optimization. Based on your goals and capabilities, you can choose a product that meets your needs.

We have compiled a list of the best tools for creating ASO, focusing on their main features and tariff plans that are relevant in 2021.

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* The complexity and variety of tools make it impossible to make a rating, so we just arranged these products in alphabetical order.


ASOMobile is one of the best ASO tools in 2021. Offers a range of marketing and consulting solutions for the successful development of your mobile apps business. Convenient platform for ASO specialists - automated keyword search, the quick formation of application metadata, analysis of current optimization, and assessment of the effectiveness of the changes made. Analytics offers 12 free tools and multi-access for the team.

Key features of ASOMobile:

ASO tools:

  • Selection and analysis of search queries;
  • Creation of metadata for applications;
  • Forecast of traffic by keywords;
  • Indexed keywords for any application;
  • Assessment of the ASO level of application optimization.

App Analytics:

  • Positions of the application by keywords in the search results;
  • Revenue and downloads of any application;
  • Rating of apps in categories with a history of changes;
  • Keywords by which competitors are advertised in Apple Search Ads.

Market and competitor analysis:

  • Comparison of Google Play and App Store;
  • Analysis of category indicators;
  • Similar apps;
  • Store Benchmarks;
  • Getting into trend keywords.

In-App Purchases on the App Store

  • Keyword monitoring of In-App purchases;
  • List of all search queries by which In-App purchases are indexed.

Pricing ASOMobile:


AppFollow offers developers all the tools they need to naturally engage targeted users and optimize apps.

What opportunities does this tool offer for ASO optimization:

  • Data on keyword popularity and difficulty;
  • ASO Dashboard and KPIs;
  • Monitoring ASO-activities of competitors;
  • Featured notifications;
  • ASO reports in Slack and email;
  • Store Performance Index;

Pricing AppFollow:

App Radar

One of the giants among ASO tools is App Radar. As you know, successful app page optimization on the market or store involves the use of relevant keywords that attract quality, targeted users. With App Radar, you can easily find suitable keywords for your app or mobile game.

Key features of App radar:

Work with keywords and semantic core:

  • Find the best keywords
  • Analyze app store rankings
  • Gain valuable insights about competitors
  • Reveal growth potential with app analytics

Make updates:

  • Discover how an app is optimized 
  • Add and manage app localizations
  • Replicate strategies that boosted app growth

Ratings & Reviews:

  • Get feature ideas and feedback from users
  • Increase productivity with reply templates
  • Improve app ratings to increase conversion

Apple Search Ads and Google UAC:

  • Analyze your Apple Search Ads performance
  • Harmonize paid and organic user acquisition
  • App Store advertising

Pricing App Radar:


Apptweak is one of the famous ASO tools for apps and games. It allows developers to find relevant keywords for their apps. As you probably know, keyword strategy is important for ASO and helps your app to get to the top search results. With Apptweak, you can keep track of your competitors and see what keywords they are using.

Apptweak features

  • Keyword Features is everything for working with key queries and forming a semantic core.
  • ASO Features means evaluation of and app page optimization, suggestions for improvement, request history.
  • Competition Monitoring: competitor suggestions, metadata comparison, competitor ASO timeline, and metadata changes.
  • Ad Intelligence is a set of tools for identifying keywords for advertising your app.
  • Data Integrations: integration with the Google Play and App Store developer console.

Pricing Apptweak:


ASOdesk is an ASO tool that allows you to find keywords to optimize your app quickly. You can find out what queries users are using when they look for your app in the app stores. Moreover, you'll be able to see which keywords your competitors are ranking for.

Key features of ASOdesk

  • Monitoring ASO data changes
  • A quick search for keywords
  • Competitor analysis
  • The ability to create personalized reports

Pricing ASOdesk for Startups:

Pricing ASOdesk for Business:


Checkaso is an ASO tool that offers solutions for indie developers, publishers and agencies, as well as game developers. Checkaso also allows you to track app rankings and get keyword analytics.

Key features of Checkaso:

  • Text optimization tools
  • Competitor analysis
  • Organic traffic analysis
  • In-app shopping analytics
  • Keyword Tools

Pricing Checkaso:


Gummicube is another ASO tool that made it to the list of the top in 2021. Platform to help you improve visibility in app stores by ranking by relevant keywords. With Gummicube data and algorithms, you can improve every element of app optimization: title, app keywords, description, icon and screenshots, ratings, and reviews.

Key features of Gummicube

  • Search engine optimization
  • Optimizing visuals to increase conversions
  • A / B testing
  • Focus groups and user surveys
  • Optimizing organic and paid traffic
  • Tools to improve the effectiveness of ASO optimization

Pricing Gummicube:

Not available - after ordering a demo.

Mobile action

Mobile Action provides a large pool of tools to improve app visibility and increase conversion rates. The user is offered a diverse set of tools that allows them to dive deeply into keyword research, increase competitor understanding and track relevant keywords.

Key features of Mobile Action

  • ASO Intelligence is keyword tracking, optimization, working with new keywords, trends, and keyword research, localization.
  • Market Intelligence are App downloads and revenues, store summaries.
  • Ad Intelligence is advertising analytics, ad performance evaluation, analysis of ad placements, advertisers, and publishers.
  • SDK Intelligence means the ability to work with the most accurate list of SDK technologies used by each app.

Pricing Mobile Action:


SearchMan is a set of tools for collecting and exchanging data for faster growth of apps on Android and iOS. The platform allows you to analyze the visibility of your app and those of competitors.

Key features of SearchMan

  • A set of tools for optimizing an app in stores
  • Ability to generate tabular reports and customize individual toolbars
  • Market Analytics: Top Charts, Categories, and Trends
  • Competitor reviews and analysis
  • Availability of corporate solutions

Pricing SearchMan:

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a mobile analytics platform that includes a full range of ASO creation and mobile app market research tools.

Key features of Sensor Tower:

  • App Intelligence: Monitor app dynamics, rating history, review data by country, version, and date, track the impact of app updates, and favorites. Competitive analysis and app store optimization.
  • Store Intelligence: Analyze app downloads and revenue.
  • Ad Intelligence: mobile advertising analytics, the ability to work with creatives to increase conversion, how competitors distribute their advertising budget, and in which regions it happens.
  • Usage Intelligence:  analysis of user activity and their demographic profile.
  • App Teardown: SDK analytics and how its distribution affects the mobile market.
  • Consumer Intelligence: analysis and comparison of user behavior.
  • Custom Alerts: the ability to customize notifications for events of interest.

Pricing Sensor Tower:

Split Metrics

Split Metrics is a great ASO tool for increasing organic traffic.

Key features of Split Metrics

  • A / B tests of visual elements
  • Optimizing Apple Search Ads
  • User behavior analysis
  • Testing among competitors
  • Pre starting App Testing
  • Testing different localizations
  • ASO suggestions for the app store

Pricing Split Metrics - upon request, depending on the required metrics.


If your goal is to increase your conversion rates in app stores, then Storemaven is a great tool for you. A scientific approach to app testing, reviewing competitors, and defining a development strategy for your apps.

Storemaven Key Features

  • Create, run and analyze your own tests for a successful ASO
  • Formation of hypotheses and various approaches to implementation
  • Working with the target audience and traffic sources
  • Customizable toolbar for your apps
  • Checking and optimizing each visual element

Pricing Storemaven - available upon request for a demo.


TheTool is a performance-oriented ASO tool. You can track everything related to ASO, including organic and non-organic installs, keyword rankings, app store top charts, ratings and reviews, and more.

Key features of TheTool

  • Search for keywords;
  • Top charts: visibility in stores;
  • Working with ratings and reviews;
  • Conversion analytics;
  • Download and install data;
  • Exporting reports and data to tables.

Pricing TheTool:

As you can see, for every need, goal, and challenge, there is a number of solutions and tools. Reasons to use mobile analytics platforms are:

  • Find your own combination of tricks, tools, and steps to promote your apps.
  • Research the market to gain a complete understanding of its trends and assess your capabilities.
  • Be able to optimize and balance the required costs and expected revenues.
  • Understand the reasons for failure and find ideas for promotion.

The list of the TOP ASO tools goes on and on - find your reasons and take the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the mobile app market research.

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