ASO news digest. November 2023

The industry ASO news digest is an attempt to keep abreast of the updates that have occurred in the mobile application market over the past month, November 2023. Any update and change in the rules of the major app stores can impact ASO optimization tactics and strategy. You can find the update from the App Store and Google Play here.

A new format for the Today tab from the App Store.

Starting in December, the Today tab will look like this:

  • In the new format, the app icon will be in the center of the ad. Title and Subtitle will also be included in the advertisement. Resources with a CPP that has been set as a destination will animate against the ad background and appear in the app icon color.
  • Before an ad is placed, the icon, title, and subtitle (CPP) will be reviewed by Apple Search Ads to ensure they comply with ad guidelines.
  • The new format will work on iPhone devices running iOS 17.1 and later.

Custom Store Listing from Google Play

Personalized store listings allow you to optimize conversion rates and sales by creating different messages for different user segments. Many have already used the power of 50 CSL to tailor a product page to country, pre-registration status, Google Ads campaigns, or inactive users.

Now there are new features:

  • Save the CSL as a draft to continue editing later.
  • Schedule CSL publication for the selected period.
  • Test CSLs on a subset of your audience before scaling them up.

New data on Deep links Google Play

The page dedicated to deep links now contains new metrics and analytics:

  • To check that the landing pages of advertising campaigns are deeply linked.
  • The percentage of top-performing URLs with deep links is available - the ability to drive more users to the app.
  • Find out what percentage of users who have our application installed will open the URL

Google Play Console mobile app design update

The updated design of the Google Play Console app now allows you to track important metrics:

  • View and respond to reviews
  • Track and manage your applications across different tracks and releases.
  • Manage orders from our app and get refunds
  • Receive messages from Google Play

Updated verification requirements from Google Play

Mandatory compliance checks and testing for new developers. For the latter, developers with newly created personal Play Console accounts will soon be required to test their apps with at least 20 people for at least two weeks before applying to access the production version.

As part of the fight for the quality of applications, Google Play announced more thorough moderation to check compliance with requirements. They also promised special labeling for official government and state format applications, although already next year.

Interesting changes await us, and we continue to watch for news and updates.

Optimize and achieve your goals💙

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