ASO news digest. December 2023

The ASO news digest is our desire to keep abreast of the updates that have occurred on the mobile application market over the past month. Any update or change on the rules of the major app stores can have an impact on ASO optimization tactics and strategy. Here you can find the update from the App Store and Google Play.

App stores news digest

App Store

  1. Privacy manifesto and mandatory inclusion of a third-party SDK.

This is no longer news, but it was in December 2023 that Apple recalled new privacy manifests and signatures for the SDK presented at WWDC23 to further protect user privacy. Starting in Spring 2024, if we add a third-party SDK to our new app or update to an existing one that is commonly used by apps on the App Store, we will be required to include a privacy manifest for the SDK.

Learn more and see a list of commonly used third-party SDKs.

Starting in Spring 2024, in order to upload a new app or app update to App Store Connect, we will be required to provide an approved reason in the app's privacy manifest that accurately reflects how our app uses the API.

  1. Seasonal app updates on the App Store

During the holiday season, the review period for applications for moderation has been extended. On average, 90% of apps are processed in less than 24 hours. However, the verification could take a little longer (from December 22 to 27).

  1. Most popular apps and games of 2023

As we approach the end of the year, Apple reveals the most popular apps and games of 2023. This year's Top Picks, now available in the Today tab of the App Store, include the best free and paid apps and games, as well as the best Apple Arcade games. In addition to the year-end infographic, users can also learn about the 2023 App Store Award winners—the very best apps and games of the year, selected by the App Store editorial team.

Top free apps for iPhone 2023

  1. Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire
  2. CapCut - Video Editor
  3. Max: Stream HBO, TV, & Movies
  4. Threads, an Instagram app
  5. TikTok
  6. Instagram
  7. Google
  8. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
  9. WhatsApp Messenger
  10. Gmail - Email by Google
  1. Conditional prices for subscriptions on the App Store

Conditional pricing for App Store subscriptions is a new feature that helps attract and retain subscribers by giving customers a discount on a subscription if they actively use another subscription. It can be used for subscriptions from one developer or two different developers. This feature is currently being tested.

Google Play

  1. Gemini - AI model from Google Play

On December 6, Google Play announced Gemini, their most powerful artificial intelligence model yet.

The capabilities of this model can already be seen - for example, on Pixel 8, recording and summarizing a meeting, with dialogues, and even when there is no network connection.

Gemini Nano is starting to use the Smart Reply feature in Gboard on the Pixel 8 Pro, which can be enabled in Settings as a developer preview. Android support will be rolling out to WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk within a few weeks, with more messaging apps coming in the new year. The on-device AI model saves time by delivering high-quality, conversation-aware responses. Available worldwide, only when using an English (US) keyboard.

  1. A new feature that allows you to delete apps on connected devices.

This feature will soon become widespread, which will make it possible to manage the list of installed applications (delete them) on connected devices, such as TV or Watch.

  1. You can now install apps directly from list cards that appear on home pages, without visiting the app page itself.
  1. The top apps on Google Play 2023 are as follows:

The external environment on the application market includes not only competitors, but also stores that make their own adjustments and updates to the rules of the game. So let's keep you updated on what's happened over the past month on Google Play and the App Store.

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